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Thread: Dispatching an injured deer at night

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    Dispatching an injured deer at night

    Last night whilst out foxing we came across a roe buck which was clearly lame on its front leg, but mobile. Also it appeared to have some string/baler twine on its antlers.

    It was on a piece of ground adjacent to some ground we have permission to shoot on, but was not on our ground. After a short time it vanished into a very substantial ditch/hedge.

    So the dilema was/is what should we have done and what would the legal consequences be?. We did have a deer legal rifle but say we had a .223 and it was in England, what then.

    I expect it will never happen again, but if it does a better understanding of the legalities might be helpfull.


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    It doesn't have to be a deer legal calibre to do a humane dispatch and the fact that it was night is irrelevant. However, you do have to have the permission of the landowner!! You could also argue here that the deer was maybe not in need of humane dispatch? Just because it had a limp might not be a valid excuse in the eyes of the law. There are many three legged deer around which survive quite happily.

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    I have taken the time to inform b.a.s.c. that I required the extension to the usual cover,to include humane despatch, this was tacked on without question.Steve.

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    if you have humane dispatch on your fac then you can dispatch it,if you dont then you are not legal and like a friend of mine once dispatched a roe with a lame leg was arrested and had his fac took of him for 3yrs
    then comes the "who`s deer does it belong to?"
    that is up to you

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    Quote Originally Posted by mick b
    "who`s deer does it belong to?"
    wild deer belong to no one! it becomes the property of the land owner when its dead and on his ground.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mick b
    if you have humane dispatch on your fac then you can dispatch it,if you dont then you are not legal
    That might have been the case a few years ago if it was a 'non-deer legal calibre, but the last amendment to the Deer Act allows dispatch with any firearm - all the more reason to get the latest recommended condition regarding calibre/quarry on your FAC.

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    Insurance has to be the main concern

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    Quote Originally Posted by finnbear270
    Insurance has to be the main concern
    i think i might look at it in another way
    your insurance will not cover you if you hav done something wrong
    that should be first port of call
    if you think it is not right or legal then don't do it
    humane or not, makes no difference if the land owner or lease holder of the ground that you shoot such deer on in an act of humane reasons , day or night takes umbridge
    it might not be such an easy ride as you think
    i would think ,you would hav to proove beyond all doubt your actions were legal and just cause
    that ain't that easy once the deer is dead
    pulling the trigger is the easiet and least expensive part
    a better choice of action i feel would be to aproach the land owner the next morning reporting what you saw
    but don't be to hasty to jump in feet first if they ask you to try and find the said beast and despatch it
    as failure to do so may hav the opposite effect

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