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Thread: Precision rifles, great customer service

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    Precision rifles, great customer service

    I think we in Englandshire could do with taking a leaf out of the Scottish book of customer service......christ, what the hell am I saying!

    But so often when in the past I've dealt with gun shops in England I have been made to feel like an inconvenience, or a hassle, and heaven forbid you should have any issues with something you've bought and need after sales care....

    a certain mr Gregor McLeod (of Tain) certainly knows how to treat customers, and I have had very pleasant dealings with him in the past buying scopes remotely from many hundreds of miles away just on the basis of his word and I have not been disappointed.

    twice now, I have taken advice on talley mounts from Callum Fergusson at Precision rifles, and on both occasions, without me asking, I have been sent the items before any mention of any money changing hands, and on the basis that if I'm not happy just cover postage costs and send them back.

    on this occasion, he has saved me potentially a small fortune too, I was considering a set of apel mounts so I could interchange between two scopes, total cost in excess of 600 but, for just 25 I have now converted my existing talley mounts into QD mounts which I am totally chuffed with, and so as and when I sort out getting another scope all I need is another set of talley's for about 150....... Job done.

    im not bashing all our own gun shops at all really, just appreciating that a couple from across the border are clearly worth knowing about, and worth sharing the positive experiences of.
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    You can add Continental Shooting Supplies of Dalry to your list too!
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    Yes ! Was in Dalry today and stopped in for the first time....I think the fellas name was Tom, really helpful, got me sorted in no time at all......Stu at Glenluce Gunroom another true gent....

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    + 1 on both PRS and McLeods of Tain
    ​Both absolute Gentlemen and a pleasure to do business with.

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    Sloanes of Inverurie thumbs up to.

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