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Thread: Trail cams

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    Trail cams

    Hi I am looking for some opinions and advice on the best trail cams .I want to purchase one but things have moved on so much I don't want to end up paying for something I don't need.
    Your views would be appreciated

    Thanks Dick

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    Depends what you want it for really. If it's to check whether deer, fox, poachers or herds of wildebeest are sweeping majestically past a certain point then the cheapest available will do. If you want good pictures or good video (most of them do video now) then you'll need to spend a bit more. I'd have a ratch on the internet and see what different spec cameras do and compare them against what you want from one. At night time I suspect no camera is going to produce pictures worth hanging on the wall, so it's really horses for courses.

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    Loving the bresser ones from lidl 69

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    little acorn, excellent all rounder battery life and pic quality excellent for what is req & for half the price of your std Bushnell etc fodder IMO

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    Quote Originally Posted by norma 308 View Post
    Loving the bresser ones from lidl 69
    for the money,
    there a good little cam.

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    Aye, can't fault my Aldi ones

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    Quote Originally Posted by norma 308 View Post
    Loving the bresser ones from lidl 69
    +1 For the money they are great

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    Thanks for the advice ,I popped into our local Lidle and they don't stock them. I had the little acorn in mind so will be purchasing one in the next few days and get it out in the field and see what happens
    Thanks for your time

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    For the value I can't see past the ALDI trail cams. I bought one of the lidl ones and although they may be good, the annoyance is you have to download the images from the camera to view them. Took it back because of it. For an extra 10, the ALDI camera comes with a screen on the flip side so you can just check if anything has walked past and then set it back up again. Search for Maginon or it is here . Contrary to what the reviews say I have found the night shots to be pretty good.

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