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Thread: roland or mickey

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    roland or mickey

    Ive had the sticky pads disturbed a few times now and still haven't got one, the wife heard them moving around in the attic last night and she said maybe heard them in the cavity, the down pipe is just outside our bedroom window, am wondering if they are getting up that way, about 4.5 meters strait up, the outlet for the gutter is where we hear them inside the attic,there isn't any holes in the build for them to get in the cavity, they are beginning to do my head in

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    Are you sure they aren't bats?

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    Had the same problem a few weeks back, Mr M Mouse Esq was the culprit along with the rest of the family, Good old fashioned M/T sorted it with Welsh Cheese no less..! Had to box them in mind, Crafty chaps attacked from the rear and had a feed without springing the trap, Soon sorted though, 7 Strikes - 5 Mice - Game Over..! (until next year)

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    A couple of weeks ago I had a good tidy up, some stuff went too the tip, hoovered around aswell, there was a throw over which had been used as their toilet, polythene type material had been chewed up probably for nest material, bats dont do that that I know of, since ive cleaned up there I havent seen any rat or mouse **** anywhere, not sure if they are like grunters and poo in the same spot which could be under the fibre glass,gunroom side is boarded out so no chance that side,the mouse trap didnt work either, need a trail cam even if its just to find out wyat creatures it is.
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    how do they move a sticky pad without getting stuck?
    i had some for a while and they were awesome

    ​amazing what you catch.

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    Try Nutella on the traps, don't clear any poo up, mice are not fussy, they eat and poo in the same area. If you're using sticky boards position them (and traps) along side the rafters. Mice generally run along floor/wall junctions.

    If it's Rats and you think they are using the waste pipe, check your drain, see if there's any poo under the cover, you may have a liner issue.

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    Squirrels can turn out to be the culprits in the same situation as described.
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    Our neighbours 3 doors away have chickens and they've had and still having problems, they've yad an exterminater out and the rats been dropping dead everywhere inbthere garden, the pest controller sent a small bad of poisen around, he yold my mrs that they wont get 3 feet from it before dying, its been up they 2 weeks or more and hasnt been touched, just been up there and whole bag is gone be fxxked, had to have been big enough bad that would fit in cupped hands, pulled everything out and cant find the bag anywhere , not sure that squirrels are active at night, cant see a mouse could drag or carry that bag unless its danger mouse

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    The so called pest controller is talking bo's anticoagulant not cyanide, it can take over a week to work depending on what's eaten as it will be a multi feed bait. It does sound like rats, what you need is prep that can be tied down like Solo blox or Klerat both of these are Brodifacoum. Thread them on garden wire against the joist then you'll see what activity there is.

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    Hi mick it wasnt an multibait he gave us, what got me was they took the whole bag, ive been expecting to see the bags been chewed,they must of dragged to the cavity.

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