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    Nosler ballistic

    Anybody use the Nosler ballistic tip in .270 130 - 140 grain, wondering what they are like for meat damage and performance in genral?

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    I have used 130gr Ballistic Tips in .270 for ages. I put them ahead of 57/58gr Reloder 22, which is fast enough. Some people hate them, but I find them reliable when not driven too fast. Tackdrivers too. Years ago the first ones I tried had thinner jackets and really blew up. They're far better now. My only change is that I now use magnum primers. Not tried the 140 grainers. Best, Craig

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    I have used nosler Ballistic Silvertip's (130gr) for i think about five years. They have worked well on roe with minimal meat damage. they are also excellent on foxes and shoot very straight in my rifle and are very consistent.

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    Hi Lordy,

    If it helps I use 165grn Nosler BT's out of my 30-06 using N150. Very accurate (sub 1/2 inch) and only running at about 2450fps. I was always reluctant of using BT's on deer, but started last season as my colleague was using 125grn Noslers from his 308 with good results. We have had a few messy ones but probably no more than using a traditional soft points. For accuracy they can't be faulted and are very well made and consistent. I will certainly be sticking with them.



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