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Thread: DSC 1 Certificate received - Thoughts on validity

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    DSC 1 Certificate received - Thoughts on validity

    Ladies & Gentlemen,

    After the obligatory six week wait, I received my DSC 1 certificate today. I did my course with John and Andy at the Stalking School (Moray Outfitting on the SD) and it was an enjoyable, informative experience.

    I've read a number of comments on the SD disparaging the DSC 1. I would have to agree that a qualification without practical experience may be of limited value initially. However, having completed the course and participated in a couple of stalks, I certainly feel more confident and believe that the DSC 1 provides a foundation to develop skills. I'm still not wholly competent in some of the practical aspects of stalking, but at least I can now take a considered approach.

    It struck me that another benefit of the DSC 1, is that it goes some way to supporting the Deer Management Industry in the UK. I'm happy that deer hunting/stalking is becoming more accessible and is less perceived as an elitist pursuit.

    With the current deer population explosion in the UK, it feels like a good time to get involved.

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    DSC 1 is all part of a learning curve to become a competant person to cull deer - going onto level 2 shows you have a committment to improving your personal standard and deer and animal welfare.

    The downside is that L1 & L2 has turned into a money spinner for some and as such collected criticisms

    At the end of the day, why anybody would want to do something which everyone says " that's crap" is is looking through the wrong end of the binos. You want to improve and learn go to the right people

    There are a lot of people jumping on the band wagon, I met a guy the other day and he was trying to find a BDS AW to start his level 2 off. I asked him why specific BDS - his reply was because the one he had in mind who lives in the same road as him is BASC and he won't do BDS portfolios because they are apparently more strict and question him more and check the portfolio too much. ????????????
    What a load of baloney, combine that with some of the charges some AW's apparently want to charge - No wonder new people are looking with a critical eye.

    L1 and 2 are training modules to help each individual improve and when you want to undertake one or both of them, go and find a provider that suits you, there is nothing wrong with the courses, just watch who you go with and ensure you get value for money, "get recommended people"it's the best thing out there to learn about deer stalking, some may criticise the courses particularly if they were man and boy in deer stalking or hunting and know everything, most people are not that lucky in life.

    The emphasis should be on learning, there are some genuinely excellent people out there who will be only too happy to help particularly a new person to gain and further deer stalking training and or experience.

    There is nothing wrong with the courses it's the way it is perceived and more importantly what the person actually wants to do after a course, sit back and say that's that done, or get out of the armchair and get more experience and enjoy every minute of it . Your choice and your money. - get what you pay for and enjoy


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    Some may be opposed to it, but be under no illusion it would be very, very easy to completely destroy any argument they may have against the fundamental concept of DSC training.

    On a personal note, I enjoyed the learning aspect of Level 1 and after an initial hiccup, the practical side of level 2. It won't ever be perfect, it will always be exploited by some, then again pretty much everything else in life it, just focus on the positives about what you gain from it and ignore those who whinge. It works for me....

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    I personally feel that although I am willing to do the DSC1(although not for a while after life threw another spanner in the works) I have been forced into it.
    I have been around park and wild deer a bit and have done a bit too(I actually prefer the gutting and skinning side to the shooting bit ) and yet to some this pales into insignificance without a bit of paper.
    Sounds bitter I suppose but hey,progress is progress and unfortunately even dinosaurs like me have to comply at some point if we are to get on.

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