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Thread: Bank holiday Bucks

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    Bank holiday Bucks

    With having access to only a very small amount of ground holding Roe, I don't stalk that often and success is very rare, however bank holidays appear to be lucky for me,May bank holiday I took this Buck on a farm close to home, no medal but one of the prettiest and most symmetrical bucks I've seen

    August bank holiday saw me stalking a new piece of ground where success should be far more frequent and I grassed this buck, he was the first buck I've called in and the first neck shot I've taken

    Maybe I should just stick to stalking on bank holidays ?

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    Two nice bucks you've got yourself there mate well done

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    Well done Sir, looks like both sets of antlers have an interesting shape to them.

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    Waidmannsheil, wel done!
    Ask for more bank holidays.....
    People's hobbies are more their measure's than are their jobs.

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    Well done mate. Catch up soon.

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    Nice beasties, keep at it! Well done....

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