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Thread: Desert ironwood custom stalking knife

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    Desert ironwood custom stalking knife

    Hi i am a knife maker, i have got a couple of knifes that i made for people that ordered them but didnt collect them so i thought i would offer them on here, One is 4 inch blade with desert ironwood handle full tang with 3.5mm moulded leather sheath.

    The second is a 3 inch blade with a blue dyed and stabilized box alder burl handle.
    Both knives are sharpened to shave hair and fully hardened and tempered to ensure they hold a good edge.
    I am looking for 125 for the 4 inch blade and 115 for the 3 inch blade. i cant seem to work out how to add photos so i will email any pics to anyone interested.
    regards paul kaye

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    To post pictures, upload them to a photo hosting site such as photobucket (other sites are available ) then highlight and copy the link that appears on the left of the screen called IMG CODE and paste on the forum.

    voila pictures

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    thank you forthat i will get a pic of the other one daylight beat me.

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    Hey, where are you situated ? I'm in the UK withing 2 weeks. you never know it's in this area.

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