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Thread: Silencers - is it all about health & safety?

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    Silencers - is it all about health & safety?

    Curious to get peoples thoughts on this. I understand the benefits of a silencer from a health & safety perspective as well as reduced recoil. However, I assume few other countries ever use them. Yes, our land mass is smaller and that needs to be factored in. But I still don't fully see the benefits from a stalking perspective. I can zero my rifle at the range in Bisley with my hearing protectors . When I am on a stalk, if i'm successful, I will take 1 or worse case 2 shots. Is that really that bad for the hearing? Still seems to me that the case for silencers (from a deer stalking perspective) is more about where we live rather than health & safety?

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    It's all about my hearing (or what's left of it). I've shot for nearly 50 years and I don't want to end my days like my Dad who is as deaf as a post. Regards JCS

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    With an added bonus in some cases, of reduced recoil, retention of sight picture, & attendant accuracy.
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    I would say its mostly about health and safety, in most other country's they are banned for stalking purposes
    30 or so years ago you would have had great difficulty getting one here for a full bore rifle, now its all about health and safety even the FEOs are encouraging you to have them put on your ticket at renewal time, whether you actually want one or not.

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    Well I have been told I'm suffering from industrial deafness so anything I can do to slow that down helps , plus certain areas of the land I stalk isn't that far from dwellings so the quieter I can be the better

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    Try using them with sub-sonic rounds then they make a huge difference to

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    Quote Originally Posted by finnbear270 View Post
    With an added bonus in some cases, of reduced recoil, retention of sight picture, & attendant accuracy.
    As above plus the hearing protection factor and the fact that I can have one. The law wouldn't need much of an excuse to prevent silencers if they could but they can't now because their use is driven by H&S now. I recall In The early days they were against granting them but as soon as you asked for that in writing they soon changed their tune!
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    Quote Originally Posted by blaire View Post
    if i'm successful, I will take 1 or worse case 2 shots. Is that really that bad for the hearing?
    Remember that for some pro stalkers, thats on or two shots day in, day out, for decades.

    The scientists reckon that in the wrong conditions/location - just one shot can be enough to permanently damage your ears.

    sure, there are myriad other benefits, from recoil to less disturbance and the chance of shooting more than one deer, but its still primarily H&S based - and I remember when I started out, as pointed out above, that you couldn't get one for love nor money - and the FC rangers were all driving round with earmuffs on one ear so they could hear the van radio and still get out to take a quick shot if they saw a deer.
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    A couple of my foxing areas are very close to houses and even a school, last thing in the world they want to here is a full throated .243 going off in the middle of the night.

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    +1!The other factor is less disturbance in sensitive areas, such as proximal to horses etc,however the mod can still cause them to spook in my experience,I would always zero with the mod fitted especially if I am working up a load..MY LANDOWNERS DO NOT WANT CONTINUOUS RIFLE SHOTS and I do it out of respect to them as stated,TRY FOXING AT NIGHT UNMODDED IT WOULD NOT BE POPULAR EVEN IF YOU HAD NOTIFIED PLOD ,ANTIS JUST WISH TO CAUSE US HASSLE

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