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Thread: Sako 85 stock

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    Sako 85 stock

    Would anyone be interested in exchanging my Sako 85 synthetic stock for a standard Sako walnut version ?
    Alternatively, does anyone have a walnut stock for sale ?


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    think hes on here too as a trade member.... might get the walnut stock you want but could even specify / tweak it to suit you better? I dunnoe
    walnut too

    not had any work done or know him myself but heard some really good reports
    oh & british workmanship / trade too

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    I have a classic stock for Sako 85 .308. I'm actually thinking of getting a macmillan stock for mine in the very near future some mine will be redundant.
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    I may well be interested in that. Mine is a .243, so I will have to check if the fit would be OK.
    How much would you be asking ?


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    Thanks Sauer but I'm looking for a standard Sako one.


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