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Thread: Sika Whistling

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    Sika Whistling

    Was up in the forest today & a sika was whistling away quite merrily. This is the first one I've heard this year. (we don't have very many around here). -- Great to hear them - so wild & intense!!

    Anyone else hearing them currently?


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    Hi Yorric,

    Yes, hearing them infrequently over here too.

    My dogs love it, and love waking me up at all hours to tell me too!

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    No whistling here in loch awe side yet but fresh scrapes appearing

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    My brother has heard 2 different sika stags in the last week on Novar estate.

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    No sika round here

    Looking forward to getting up there in October and hearing them... makes the hairs stand up on the back of the neck!

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    Quote Originally Posted by wallace grant View Post
    My brother has heard 2 different sika stags in the last week on Novar estate.
    Spend a couple of nights/mornings a week foxing and management culling with an ex-Novar keeper. I've heard a lot of old stories set on that ground!

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    Never been lucky enough to see one let alone hear one whistling

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    Swarovski the first time you hear them whistling is a bit eerie and you won't forget it Atb Tom

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    I've heard nothing yet.

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    John your in prime position to hear them from the garden hope you and Sheila ok will see you at Kelso Tom

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