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Thread: Stoney Creek Long Bush Coat XL

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    Stoney Creek Long Bush Coat XL

    I bought this from Bushwear for 115 last week, but its too big for me (I'm over 6' and 15 stone). I think they are stopping selling this line, as the XL disappeared from the availability list after I got mine, and the only other size left was not much good to me!
    I'm intending to send it back in a couple of days, but will sell for 100 if collected (just to avoid the bother of repackaging etc).
    It looks like good quality bit of kit, with heavier duty zips than many others in its price range.

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    Rupert,go for the Nomad mate,they are superb if not a bit pricey,I have had one for all of 15 yrs and it never missed a beat.


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    Hi Martin, I tried one on at the Bowood game fair last year, and was impressed. We'll be up in Scotland when it's on this year though, and I don't know a stockist in this area. I'm thinking about a Harkila pro-hunter, but they're a bit pricey as well....should be a good investment though.

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