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Thread: Technique for driven boar

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    Technique for driven boar

    I know there can be no definitive answer to this but here goes.
    I'm about to go to Alsace for driven boar. How do those of you with experience deal with them? To use pheasant shooting terms do you:
    use sustained lead,
    follow through and shoot ,
    or just mount and shoot instinctively and the beast falls over.
    On a simple broadside running target at the range I was puting the illuminated reticle on the nose and getting the majority of my shots within the accepted kill zone, but I readily conceed there is a vast difference between paper and the real deal.
    Thoughts please.
    On a similar vein, I will be using a 2-12 Swarovski, what power do you prefer to set a scoped rifle at.

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    Use the lowest power setting on your scope. You need the widest field of view possible. I rack mine back to x1.5 . Don't use open sights unless you are using them every day for your usual stalking (in other words stick to the 'scope!! and ignore the showoffs who use open sights - if the light is poor, you will be glad you are using a 'scope). Countries such as poland no longer allow powers of MORE than x3 because of the safety aspect of having a wide field of view.
    Very much a rule of thumb but at 50 metres, absolutely broadside on and the pig is ambling or trotting, swing through to the tip of his snout and pull the trigger and consciously follow through. Any faster pigs and further away, add more distance in front!!

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    Do what your comfortable with, relax and get into them.
    Don`t try and measure lead, everyones perception of lead is different.
    Most important thing is same as shotgun shooting...
    Keep that rifle moving, don`t stop !!!!!!

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    Interested to hear how you get on when you return. Would you like to pm me when you do in case I miss any post?
    Some of the Boar shooting in France looks cheap at first sight but can prove to be fiercely expensive when all the extras and trophy fees are added up!

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    I'm filling in a friends place on a costs up front syndicate. As a result I know exactly how much it will cost ( no hidden trophy fees). Expectations are not huge, but it is all unfenced and down to the luck of the draw. If I have a shot or two I will be a happy chap. What I'm really after is the whole experience of how hunting is carried out elsewhere, and perhaps some good food, wine and a few tales for my friends.
    I will give an account of how I get on with pic's if all turns out O.K.

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    About the leading countrysports5 has had it right. I use a Swarovski Z6i on 2 to 4, depending on the range i estimate they will come. But 2 magnification is best. In Germany they have "shooting cinema's"where you can practice with youre own gun and live ammunition ! They show real footage of hunts on wild boar etc.. You shoot on the screen and a laser calculates from the hole in the screen where the shot was placed. Big fun and good practice. I took my British guests to one last autumn before the hunt and they liked it very much.

    Note that you must also remember what is allowed to shoot. In Germany and Poland it is common not to shoot the leading sows. So if a group of wild boar is coming, never shoot the big one that is running in front of the group. That is in most cases the lead sow. Try and look for the piglets and uberlaufer (yearlings) first.

    Good hunting

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    Having now been to Alsace I found as folk have said that 2x mag worked for the very close limited vision stands and that 3-4mag was sufficient for everything else at the ranges permitted by our hosts.
    A tip I was given by one of the hunters was to aim higher than I expected the heart to be when shooting driven game. This is because when we are excited as novices we tend to pull the rifle down as we pull the trigger. This has proven correct when using a zeroed rifle with simulated haste and excitement at paper.
    Eqipment used was a Suer Mod 90 and 2-12 swaro' with illuminated ret'. The illuminated reticle was invaluable.
    Cal 7x64 was accepted as a good choice for the boar shooting. 170 gn RWS tig bullets did the job with no bother.

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    Keep the rifle moving, don`t stop and aim the the nose :-)

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