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    Hi guys. Just wondering what your views are of the l200 as a shooting and also a family car.
    Looking at possibly buying one in a few months so just doing a bit of research.

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    Love my one, I bought it at 1 year old & put all terrain tires on it and it does what it says on the tin basically. It goes anywhere I need to go in it & when I'm away offshore the wife's never out of it taking the kids to school going back and forth to work etc. No issues and its 4 years old this month. Would I have another YES!



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    Japs build them and Gypsies drive them so no i would never sit in one... Drum brakes and leaf springs went out with the Wells Fargo company.

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    +1 on what jackfish says I'm on my second L200 and I would have another,
    Plenty power and loads of room for dog box in the rear tub plus extras put a decent set of rubber on them and it will serve you well!
    Use my one for all my shooting and as a family car also,

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    Love mine too old shape lovely truck

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    Sounds good guys. Ive always fancied one. I would most likely be the new shape i would be going for.

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    I was a Mitsy fan till I bought an L200, already having had a Challenger for 7 years since it was three years old.....The L200 was the old shape.VERY uncomfortable on a run...( leaf springs) reminds me of my first Ser3 Land rover...ok for the 14 mile drive to work tho.....Looked good, and wasnt dreadful off road, and not really awful on fuel ( compared to the V6 Challenger) ... would'nt have another L200 tho..replaced it with an old Jeep Grand Cherokee, love the car...and think we'll be buying a newer one next year...
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    Love driving it, hate filling it up. 30mpg after having 2 estates on the trot that did well over 40 has come as a bit of a blow. At work we have a Hi-Lux and the previous observation is valid, the Hi_Lux is a much higher quality car. I think I'll try a Volvo XC70 next if I can find one in my price range.
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    I have a 06, last of the old model Only run it from December till march when there is snow and ice. I love it but as others have said, painfull to fill it upp with diesel.

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    new ford ranger without a doubt good for shooting good for family and 2.2 excellent on fuel

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