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Thread: Calibre/brand to car match...

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    Calibre/brand to car match...

    Ok, surely there's got to be a positive correlation coefficient between calibre, brand and car people tend to drive!


    22-250: remmy 700, Mitsi L200. think they're 'very cool' but really are not
    20 tac or 6mm BR: Jimny. compensate for lack of 4x4 status by having rifles others don't
    6.5x55 sako, tikka: volvo, saab....yep, good old boring and safe choice
    .308 T3: defender - maybe ex FC workers or still are?

    any other thougths on what typical calibre and brand owners tend to drive?

    I can't think quite what range rover drivers shoot....some sort of 'posh' round! LOL

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    So what calibre do you shoot and what do you drive?
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    Quote Originally Posted by RickoShay View Post
    So what calibre do you shoot and what do you drive?
    well, predominantly I've shot 30-06 in BRNO/CZ and drive a Pajero...I'd say that's a connosieurs choice with class and taste whilst appreciating value propositions in the marketplace...LOL

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    both do what they say on the tin!!

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    .17hmr, .223, Land Rover Discovery TD5. Two out of three are reliable.

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    CZ 452 in 17HMR & .22 LR
    Sako 75 stainless / laminate .223
    Tikka T3 varmint
    stainless / synthetic in .243 & .308
    Toyota Hilux MK6 king cab

    No job too big / small go anywhere with something for all occasions / situations

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    BRNO .22lr, Sako 75 .243, Toyota Hilux (Surf).

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    .257 Roberts because I'm looking for an UMM ( I have the .257, I just need the UMM, see below)

    .308 cause I currently drive an Xtrail
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    An old banger 4x4 and a ***** blaser

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