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Thread: 6.5x55 V .260 Rem

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    6.5x55 V .260 Rem

    Just wondered what's the main difference between these two calibres? My pal tells me (after buying a .260) that more people are now going for the .260 against the 6.5, any reason why? I am no calibre expert and fail to understand the differences sometimes!



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    The 260 is based on the 243/308 family of cartridges so you can make brass from 243 , 7-08 , 308 , 338 Federal and 358 brass if you have to !

    With the 6.5x55 you don't have much recourse if you can't find 6.5x55 brass .

    Other then that there isn't a whole lot of difference in my always based opinion .

    I've owned 4 guns chanbered for the 260 cartridge and killed more deer with this cartridge then any other so far in my life .

    Also owned a couple for the 6.5x55 and liked them as well .

    Personally I think you won't go wrong with either !

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    FWIW , the 6.5x55 , 260 REM , 6.5 Creedmoor and the 6.5x57 are all pretty much the same thing as far as game concerned !

    It's no great seceret that I'm rather fond of all 6.5mm cartridges so you won't be shocked when I say I like all the cartridges I mentioned !

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    More case capacity in the swede, slightly better ballistics over the .260 as I recall. The swede also needs a long action whereas the .260 is on a short action, there's is also the .260Ai, which will give a bit more performance. Search the net, I'm sure there's plenty of comparisons.

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    260 for case supply as above , also short action , both deadly accurate and more than enough for any British game .

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    As others said only difference is long / short action as regards power or recoil erc I doubt anyone could tell the difference

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    6.5x55 Lapua Brass is significantly cheaper than Lapua .260 brass.

    Shooting Supplies Categories

    Shooting Supplies Categories

    for a hunting rifle I would go 6.5x55 over the .260 pretty much for this reason alone.
    "If you can't see it, you can't shoot it"

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    I had a 6.5x55 (Sako 75) and switched to a 6.5x47 Lapua (a rebarreled Tikka 590 - it was a toss up between 6.5 Lap and 260 for the barrel as there was little difference).

    My reasons? I prefered the fact the 6.5Lap (and 260) were short action compared to the 6.5x55 being long action - but on reflection this could simply be down to the 'feel' of the rifles I had/have that made me prefer one over the other.

    I think I just fell for the marketing hype over 6.5Lap/260 - for all practical purposes a 6.5x55 would have done me fine and saved me a bloody fortune! Particularly as I now have to reload my own hunting ammo.


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    Well a range of factory 6.5 x 55 ammunition is widely available so you do not even have to worry about brass supplies. I do not think any .260 factory is available (?)

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    Quote Originally Posted by mudman View Post
    Well a range of factory 6.5 x 55 ammunition is widely available so you do not even have to worry about brass supplies. I do not think any .260 factory is available (?)
    Brass is easy to buy or resize !
    Remington and Federal make factory ammo.

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