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Thread: Successful FAC issue TVP

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    Successful FAC issue TVP


    if it helps anyone......

    Just had my 1st FAC in the post today. Im in TVP. I had no issues with getting it at all. I asked for a .22LR, .243 and .308 with moderators. I don't have my own land I go on paid stalking, but do have experience. I wasn't given any mentor conditions.

    For the .22LR they gave me... shooting vermin and other legal ground game and lawful quarry. For the .243 and .308 they gave me .... Shooting deer and other lawful quarry. All three firearms I can use on land deemed suitable by chief of police for area where the land is situated and over which holder has authority to shoot etc etc

    All in all six weeks and one day from start to finish. So good effort to TVP!

    Cheers John

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    Mine is in the post so ive been reliably informed by the FEO-I might tell Santa to drop it down the chimney on his way round!
    Gotta be quicker than Royal Mail's finest at the moment


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    Who was your FEO? I'm in TVP and they were a toal PITA when I was granted my FAC - trying to enforce DSC1 and mentor conditions... FEO even admitted he was keen to see mandatory testing come in. Seems there is a lack of consitency even within forces!!

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    I had a guy called Steve King. He was very helpful. Mentoring didn't come up, but I think it would of if I didn't have experience. Maidenhead area of TVP.


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    I am in TVP area and have over 20yrs experience and they still want me to be supervised.
    Go figure.

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