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Thread: using up sloes etc after "soaking" in roast wildfowl

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    using up sloes etc after "soaking" in roast wildfowl

    hi folks just had an idea put to me regarding usage of yer sloes or any other fruit etc which has been used in making sloe gin /voddy other types etc?

    up till now I only thought about blitzing it smooth in a food processor till was like syrup then drizzle it over a good quality ice cream

    but It was suggested to me that take it and shove it inside the cavity of duck or other wildfowl and roast accordingly..... sounds like an idea?

    worth a try me thinks

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    I reuse in melted chocolate after picking out the stones which is a "Ball Ache" but the results are worth it !

    Spread out in a shallow baking tray and let cool.
    Imagine Cadburys Old Jamacan Rum but ten times better !


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    same as above , well worth the trouble

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    +1 on the chocolate,or for a real kick you could make slider, take the used fruit and some cheap cider,amounts are not critical but if you stick with more or less the same proportions as you did when you made the sloe gin you will
    not be a million miles away, no sugar needed this time though, repeat the process as for sloe gin, though you don't
    need to do it for long this time a couple of weeks is probably more than enough, the cider will draw out any alcohol
    left in the fruit.

    Serve in a tall glass preferably with two aspirin

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    Use them to make a trifle once you have tried it trifle will never be the same.


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    drain and mix with cider back in the empty demijohn you get a new drink called rattle snager which is very nce

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    im loving the cider versions & the chocolate !!!!!

    gonna do both !!!! Better look for some more sloe bushes !!!!

    cheers guys


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