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Thread: sako 75 270 Calibre

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    sako 75 270 Calibre

    For sale is my woodland stalking rifle. Its a sako 75 fitted with Mcmillan stock in green/tan/black marble. Has a large bolt knob added. Comes with stainless rings bases and pes moderater. Have a nice home load for this rifle. Scope for sale in optics . Looking for 1100 to your RFD
    ATB Steve

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    lovely gun, good luck with the sale, I got one in 2506. do you mind telling me what sort of money the stock was

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    I must not buy another rifle. I must not buy another rifle. I must not buy another rifle.

    Anyone looking for an all rounder just found it, best maker, best model, best stock, arguably best calibre. Moderator wouldn't be my first choice but perfectly good.

    Don't suppose you want a 75 .222 or an English 20g ss in some sort of deal?

    I must not buy another rifle!

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    what round count is this please? alsois the mod stainless? thanks

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    ​atb Steve

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    Is this sold or will it be for sale any time soon as very interested, thanks

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