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Thread: BBC Sunday Morning Live

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    BBC Sunday Morning Live

    I am sadly watching the most I'll informed and poor debate on culling badgers, foxes and deer. The "expert" from Animal Aid was even suggesting that there are not necessarily more deer in the UK now than at any time in the past and crop damage is negligible compared to that by other animals.

    Her other contention was that urban foxes are the result of us building cities on their territory.
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    I despair really.By using programs like this they are going to get a lot of people who know naff all being swayed in their opinions by so called "experts".
    I have noticed that as the sympathy wains a little they are adding deer and foxes to the mix.There is even a suggestion now that the badgers are being culled to protect pheasant stocks!Now that is a good twist on the "well badgers take ground nesting birds too" argument

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    Not much chance for us, with our highest profilers, Davo' with his glass back, Marco with his last adventure, & even Hugh's telly outing, had some awful camera angles, when he went to source venison for a celebration meal.
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    I thought the farmer put his point across well but the rest occupy a world i dont recognise, thank which ever deity you happen to believe in.
    I'm also tired of hearing the no natural predators cr*p. Man IS a natural predator of deer ,badgers and fox and virtually everything else , we've been hunting them since we first picked up a pointy stick! Granted i'm a little thicker around the middle and carrying a few more pounds than the average Kalahari bushman but me and my gun are still fulfilling the same basic function. It's those that dont hunt that are out of sink with the natural enviroment.
    It may have been covered on here before but i wonder if part of the problem with vacination is that it may throw a false positive to a TB test.
    Maybe it's a question for Morena

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    More likely a need for a vaccine for the Anti syndrome!
    (The Unspeakable In Pursuit Of The Uneatable.) " If I can help, I will help!." Former S.A.C.S. member!

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    False positives with vaccination is indeed a problem. It's partly why the EU wont allow its use.

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    Totally sick and tired of comments from alleged professionals and people at the top of their industry passing bull@*** off as fact, most upset by the 'we have infringed into the territory of the urban fox' and that in order to rally the antis and hope to gain additional support from joe bloggs they have the audacity to now bring into the very simple debate additional species and other issues hoping to gain moral ground. We really need to have some form of representation that can counter this with the same speed or we as a Shooting /hunting fraternity will be more and more ostracized. IMO

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    In field sports, we're talking about a subject that most of us on here know a bit about and we easily recognise bulls*it when it's spoken, which is most of the time by so-called experts on the box.

    I bet there's a lot of people on here who do something unrelated to field sports for a living and recognise exactly the same being spouted by "experts" concerning what they do. I certainly do. Given that everything we know about produces idiots spouting bulls*it, it's reasonable to assume the things we don't know about also produces idiots spouting bulls*it.

    The only reasonable observation to make is that we're all drowning in an ever increasing ocean of bulls*it!!

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    I never seen it this morning but it happens quite often now and really annoys me. When they have someone who actuallly is an expert and studied for years to gain BSc, MSc or PHd and works involved in the country sports (or for that someone who has spent there whole life living and working in the countryside), say a GWCT advisor/scientist ie someone who really knows his stuff but can also back his opinion with cold hard fact and they put some f**kwit anti who's only qualification is long hair and lack of personal hygine and really hasn't got a clue has no real facts and they often give them equal airtinme if not more and pass his brain farts off as gospel. Usually the anti spouts his usual rubbish then interupts and rubbishes any study or decades upon decade of country folk actually living and watching wot is really happening in the countryside

    Really is no wonder that many of the urban masses are so out off touch with nature, only going to get worse

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    Hi All, don't usually watch Countryfile, but last night J Craven spoke of the badger cull as "Splitting the countryside in two". i'd like him to produce a cattle farmer who isn't for the cull.

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