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Thread: Thar and his EPIC run

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    Thar and his EPIC run

    Yesterday I had the privelage to support Tahr off this site, during his attempt to complete the Bob Graham round.

    For those who don't know of this challenge, it is a 72 mile circuit around the Lake District which takes in 42 peaks and climbs a total of 27,000ft. All this in under 24hrs.

    Thar set off from Keswick at 11pm on Friday, running through the night and into the dawn of Saturday, he ran to a set schedule and did not faulter, returning to Keswick after 23hrs and 30 mins of continuous running where he still looked strong, and still had enough energy to make it to the pub for last orders.

    I am proud to call him my inspiration to us all.

    Fingers crossed he recovers quick enough to help drag some stags.
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    There was no doubt he would do this. Again Im another who is proud to have him as a mate.


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    Just got off the blower to him, it's been a while coming but he did it, not that I had any doubts! And what a demonstration of sheer guts, determination and endurance...well done matey.

    Top man, and yes I'm proud to call him a friend.

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    Don't the guy personally but what a great effort. Well done that man

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    An extraordinary achievement.

    ​Well done Kevin.

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    bloody hell thats some going-well done

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    Derby Born and Bread.

    Well done pal.
    "If you can't see it, you can't shoot it"

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    That's bloody amazing!

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    The effort required for this kind of achievement was not just during the 23:30 hrs he was running over Fri/Sat. I've watched this guy train his arse off for the past year, in all weathers and at stupid times of the day. The utmost dedication and determination, with a touch of luck thrown in to stay injury free.
    Its the principle of courage and single mindedness that has most impressed me.
    We've all benefitted with getting more deer in his absence too, but that's him back behind the gun now unfortunately.

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