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Thread: Pulsar N750 Weaver mount

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    Pulsar N750 Weaver mount


    Can anyone who has one of these scopes please tell me the distance between the mounting points on the weaver rail.
    I want to mount one on my Steyr which has a two piece weaver )Picatinny) mount fitted, but want to check whether it will fit directly or if I need to buy a Picatinny riser rail. My Steyr is around 11cm between mounting points

    thanks in advance. Darren

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    You can drop the cross bar out of the weaver mount on the N750.

    Take it off the unit put the correct size screw driver into the crosshead screw and give it a sharp tap with a small hammer. This breaks the thread lock compound and stops you turning the head of the screw. The bar then drops out.

    I use the sight on a 223 and with a good torque it has never moved.


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    The mounting bolts are 86mm apart - there's only 1 anti recoil bar & it's fitted in the front mount - as long as the rear scope mount sits over the rear action mount it will be fine - I have individual weaver mounts on my Browning T bolt & my N750 was fitted to it all last winter & I had no problems.

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    86mm apart sounds ideal, my current mounts are 90mm apart, so should fit straight on. By the sound of it I should still be able to use the cross bar as there is still 10mm on the back mount.
    thanks guys, appreciated

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