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Thread: Sauer 202 alloy

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    Sauer 202 alloy

    Hi guys
    On the lookout for a rifle for a bit of range work but with the idea of using it for stalking, I was initially looking at a 243 but since I reload I am now thinking .308 and using reduced loads for occasional range work, ie something like 135g heads with a reduced powder charge. I have come across a second hand synthetic 202 with an alloy receiver for under 500 which looks to be in fair condition and which I think is a pretty good price, does anybody have any experience of this rifle in 308, I was thinking tikka T3 but wondered if this would be a better buy considering the price? I would get the chance to test it first.
    I would appreciate your views on the above, Many thanks.
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    I have used a 202 in .308 for approximately 10 years; it is an excellent rifle. I'm a little unsure of what you mean by 'alloy' as there is stainless/synthetic or blued/synthetic. At sub 500 I would be a little weary and provenance is essential. However, it is a good, reliable rifle for range use and stalking. I have put several thousand rounds through it. The newer barrels are threaded as standard I believe.

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    The alloy refers to the receiver (which can be in steel or alloy). I have a 202 Outback model which is Synthetic Stock/Alloy Receiver/Ilaflon coated barrel. Sauers are very modular so the various specs are combinations of stock type, receiver metal, barrel type etc.

    The above combination weighs only 2.9Kg which might be a bit light for a range rifle, but is awesome for stalking. I can't comment on the calibre, because mine is in 6.5x55, but highly recommend the rifle over a Tikka T3. The quality of the rifle as a whole is superior and the trigger a dream. This is as you would expect, given the price difference when new.

    The only concern (apart from the fact that is a very good price) is that it is easy to strip the scope mount threads on the alloy receiver and if they are damaged, repair is expensive.



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    Wayyyyy better than a t3 !!!!!

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    Modular design as mentioned above with alloy receiver if so desired, different league to the Tikka completely.

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    Sounds a bit too cheap but it is a buyers market. I have two alloy, the 308 has an EAW Picatinny on it because as stated you can strip the threads. I also have one with built in mounts. The synthetic stock can be cleaned up a bit or ceracoted. Barrels do wear out but all of mine are finicky with some ammunition. At the price I would want to shoot it and look at the scope mounts and threads very carefully.

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    I have a Sauer 202 Outback with alloy receiver and it is a dream to shoot, .243 calibre, no problems and puts em where I aims it!

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