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Thread: Ebay now applying import duty ??

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    Angry Ebay now applying import duty ??

    It seems that some foreign sellers - in my case a guy from the USA - have signed up to an agreement with Ebay which gives "customs services and international tracking provided" this is bo11ocks as the purchase has nothing to do with Ebay. I can well imagine saying to customs or the carriers that the duty has been paid via Ebay which of course they would accept - NOT !!

    I would advise people to check if this charge is being made and avoid the sellers which it applies to.
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    Unbelievable, like you say total Bo llox, who do they think they are? Customs aren't going to swallow that for sure! Looks like using evil bay will die a slow death, for me for sure.

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    just like all the others.

    money money money.

    sack it..................breathe deeply it's still free...................but for how long.

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    bought goods from the US recently on e-bay and import duty was prepaid seemed to work and the tracking for very good no complaints saves paying a handling charge to Royal mail

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    I've been a seller and a buyer on Ebay for over 10 years, with over 1600 great deals....and now getting sick to the back teeth with them....wont be long till I'm not on it at all...

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    Can someone explain how a foreign company can charge import duty for goods destined elsewhere? I just don't get it and it be long before there will be an additional charge for the charge that is being applied from HMRC.

    Enough is enough surely!

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    Same as Orvis and a lot of other non sporting websites. They give you the shopping experience you would expect from your own country.

    You buy from a UK website the final checkout price is exactly that, final.

    You buy from a EU website the same.

    USA retailers can give you a VAT and Duty inclusive price plus shipping same as if you are buying from UK/EU as they operate a system that works with UK/EU Cstoms etc. The price you pay is final.


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    Guess trip to the US are on the cards again.

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    This, or similar happens on Amazon too. I bought a pair of boots from the US last week, and the duty, & vat was added.

    "Personal hat on", yes it's going to cost more to bring things in, but in reality, I buy little from the US, and I prefer to buy locally, knowing it's much less hassle if things go wrong, and I need back up, support, or to return an item under warranty. And for the odd thing I do bring in,

    Wearing my "business hat", I'm all for it, and I'm pretty sure all other UK businesses will look forward to the day ALL imports have duty, & VAT applied, so that we can compete on a level playing field, instead of having to compete with "Ebayers, and alike", who cheat the system, pay no tax, and undermine legitimate UK businesses ! That does of course exclude the legitimate businesses who use Ebay, etc'.

    People need to realize that UK companies are not trying to rip off UK customers, in many cases, they will actually be paying the same, if not more for goods, than someone bypassing the system will pay, and have no choice, but to charge a higher price.

    If this becomes the standard, it means that it won't be worth people personally importing, and the business will go to UK companies, and boosting the economy at the same time.

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