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Thread: Springer spaniel deer dog

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    Springer spaniel deer dog

    Just out of interest how many on here use a Springer as their deer dog.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Jimbo 30 06 View Post
    Just out of interest how many on here use a Springer as their deer dog.

    Points, tracks, finds stuff with ease. Just won't keep his arse still for more than 10 seconds..........

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    i use my cocker, but she stays in the truck until such time as I need her nose, as said, spaniels don't like sitting still long enough to be by my side whilst stalking!
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    I use a springer who understands every move, and will sit under a high seat all evening. She will track but I have to find her on the kill as she just finds it, there is no barking. I take her stalking reds as well and she walks at heal and will sit when I stop to take the shot.
    She's also a good working spaniel and great for duck, she's got a great nose and often finds duck and pheasant missed by other dogs.
    Only problem is she suffers a little hay fever if working is mid summer grass fields.

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    my old spaniel will sit in the truck until needed,

    then when she has worked out I have the rifle so not looking for pheasant will find deer.

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    you guys must shoot a lot of deer or them dogs spend a lot of time in the truck.

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    My Springer never lets me down when ever I need him. I use him on pheasants and ducks mainly, but when ever I need him for deer he's always there.

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    Great dogs, used to work and breed them before the labs. You can keep all the rest labs and spaniels do everything you need!

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    Never seen a good spaniel yet


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