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Thread: What is going on???

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    What is going on???

    Just latley I`ve been following the posts on here ref FAC grant, renewal, variation etc etc, and it seems things have changed alot since I did my last renewal.
    What the hell is going on?
    I can`t beleive some of the "restrictions" I read about on some peoples tickets
    Mentor???? who ever thought of that one? some clown in an office somewhere I expect, seems like it a further step along from the old days when they liked you to belong to a club.
    DSC 1? seems like it`s mandatory now, not law, just the police says you gotta have it.
    Open ticket seems like it`s a gift from the police, not a right as it was (if they knew you shot anywhere and everywhere.
    I think I read somewhere that they don`t like you having bigger calibres for deer/boar now,is that right?
    Doubt I`d get my 458, open ticket and soft point ammo now, glad I did it years ago.
    I do feel sorry (ish )for you lot over there now.
    When I got here, I sat a saftey test, and they give me FAC, now I can go and buy what I like from where I like, except pistols and full autos, need a cat e license for them and be in a club for pistols.

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    Sounds more attractive every day John.

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    On a positive note I recently received my first FAC for a .243 c/w moderator and found the whole process rather refreshing, especially after reading some of the doom and gloom posted on the internet

    The process took a total of 5 weeks but would have been 2 weeks quicker if I hadn't delayed my FEO visit due to a holiday. Was informed at my FEO visit (which took 20mins) that I had met the criteria and I promptly received my FAC the same week.

    Was given a .243 with moderator for deer, fox and vermin with no conditions attached other than the ticket would remain "closed" until I could prove experience with the weapon i.e. Estate receipts, log book, DSC 1/2, ammunition usage on certificate. If experience could be proved then I could apply for the "closed" restriction to be reviewed otherwise an "open" certificate would be automatically granted after 5 years.

    The FEO even recommended that I buy a .308 in the near future as its a much better hill rifle!

    Quality service from Cumbria Police

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    Good for you Huntsman, thats exactly how it should be as long as you fit the bill regarding suitability, need, security etc. JC

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    DSC 1? seems like it`s mandatory now, not law, just the police says you gotta have it.

    And all seemingly quite happily "pushed" by those that profit from running such a scheme.

    Sadly in the thirty years plus I've held an FAC I've seen and heard, once form the NRA, then the BDS now from those who have an "agenda" involving the DSC, too much of the "nobody should be allowed to possess any gun that we ourselves don't use...and then only under conditions that we approve of".

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