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Thread: a-bolt upgrading stock

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    a-bolt upgrading stock

    Hi All,

    Bought a 'New' second hand a-bolt (only fired 10 rounds) and want to ask some simple questions.

    When looking around the market for what I wanted, I came accross the Howa Hogue and although I loathed it's lumpy bolt sliding action I loved the feel of the stock. Can you get a similar stock for the a-bolt?

    Secondly, wanting to upgrade the trier to a lighter action, what make should I be looking for?

    Cheers in advance.


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    Don't know about the hogue stock but boyds do a 99% inlet thumb hole stock for an a lot my mate has one on his 308 and it feels very nice when you mount it think it cost him about 120 by the time it got here and was very easy to fit and finnish.


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    Which stock does your rifle have now? The dura touch rubbery one or the original plastic one?
    i have ordered a boyds laminate for mine which is sitting in customs so should be here in a week or so, if its any good I will be selling the dura touch short action stock.
    Whilst searching the nicest looking off the shelf stock was the Bell and Carlson but costs a lot more than the Boyds.

    I sorted my trigger very easily using this guide
    No. 11. Browning A Bolt Install a Light Trigger Spring
    There are a few springs available from the US but I found one in my gun bits drawer that just needed shortening, it might even be a pen spring


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