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Thread: is this a daft idea?

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    is this a daft idea?

    I have been thinking about organising a larder and, given mostly fallow around my area, I thought things could be getting a bit heavy to be shifting around / skinnning etc. I have a room that i can use as a larder, but the idea of putting up a rail system seems a bit much (cost, effort of strenghtening ceiling, and wife going ballistic), so...

    why not have a single frame on wheels?

    Make it 8' tall at the top, 80cm odd wide, and I can run a pulley down onto the gambrel. Then I can transfer carcass from the back of the car onto the frame, then wheel frame into larder. From frame, straight into drinks fridge. Then out it comes, onto frame, lower / raise onto skinning frame / log saw for skinning, and then raise onto table for butchery. (NB have lots of demand from neighbours, friends etc for venison, so was thinking of registering with council so I can sell the vension on)
    If i made the frame clear at both ends, it could slide over table, over skinning frame, lowering and raising when necessary - i.e. a bit like the large container cranes at container ports

    piccie below may explain better - do you think this would make sense, or is it daft...

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    Nowt wrong as far as I can see mate just make sure it is cross braced well enough to prevent collapse. Don't think it would be strong enough to stop wobbling if it was open both ends though?! We us a similar A Frame at work for lifting big pumps out of holes which is tested to 500kg and made from ally so is very light!
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    cannot see why that won't workbut if its strengthening up the roof that bothers you why not just put it from floor to ceiling and bolt to floor a single highbeam on top of a pfc with a boltable base plate you could off set the beam so your runners run the underside of the beam carrying the carcass without fowling the front post, atb wayne
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