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Thread: Boar/deer shooting Poland wanted October 2013

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    Boar/deer shooting Poland wanted October 2013

    Wife would like to visit Poland now instead of Scotland to cull deer. We will be visiting Krakow from Wed 16th October till Sunday 20th October (flights will be the Wed and Sun). During the trip she would like to visit Auschwitz at some point so i will need to factor this in. Ideally looking to shoot boar/deer in the area as we will be staying in Krakow so could do without the long drives anywhere! As i'm forced to take the mrs, and she doesn't want to be left alone, i will require transport around the area, i quote "we better not be walking miles".

    ​I have read that hunters need to bring their own firearms now is this the case? This will be my first time shooting abroad so would like to know every thing including any pitfalls regarding fees etc?

    If you know of any professional setups in the area of Krakow please PM me.



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    Flights booked now, just need to find a stalker willing to take me out in the area of Krakow now?

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