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Thread: The Dorset MacNab

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    The Dorset MacNab

    ​This all started as a bit of pub banter last game season between myself and two shooting mates. Clearly based on the South Coast, a true MacNab (grouse, salmon and stag) isn't an option, but we got talking to what we could achieve!

    The best equivalent was a brace of partridge, a brown trout or sea bass and a roe buck. However we wanted to make this an annual event, all three of us lead hectic busy lives and we live in 3 neighbouring counties.... So as our first attempt this year we have set our sights a but lower.

    A brace of rabbit, and brace of pigeon and a brace of bass, all in one day, sun rise to sunset! The date has slipped a few times, but is now set as Oct 2nd.

    Really looking forward to it and ill post on here how it goes.

    Anyone else tried anything similar?

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    Here in northants I wouldn't mind a brace of geese/duck morning flight and brace of trout from the local reservoirs and a fallow buck /roe buck .
    good idea hope yr sucessful.

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    In Essex we call it the McKnob, a duck, a buck and a f***

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    Where are you doing the bass fishing?

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    The plan for the bass is to try for them off my boat out of Poole, very much weather dependant on where and how we fish for them.

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    That's got the potential to be a long but fun day!
    Good luck - keep us posted how it goes!

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