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Thread: Foresight paint

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    Foresight paint

    Has anybody painted there iron sight to make them stand out a bit more,if so what with? The iron sight on my 375 are a bit dull wanted to brighten them up abit.Would model paint be any good?


    Hunting isn't just something I do it's part of who I am

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    Depends what you want to do, the whole sight or just the bead/blade.

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    Just the blade
    Hunting isn't just something I do it's part of who I am

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    i used rose gold solder paste and gave the edge of the blade a gold wash and blued the rest ,get a silversmith to do it for you, mine looks very smart, and good to see and it wont chip off

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    Tacky. Tacky. Tacky. Paint: The mark of an amateur. Blue it or replace it. Don't use paint. (Ugh!)~Muir

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    Nothing new really. On classic British rifles the bead was often Ivory or enamelled. Then they fitted the "Gold beads".

    Be aware that that the "wrong" colour with blend of meld in with the back ground. Target sights are dead black to they stand out against the Buff or white target back ground as with Post or post and bead foresights they are sighted for the 6 o'clock hold. On the P-H 1100M "African Magnum" the fore sight bead was enamelled of painted Red:-

    ​Nice big hole .......................... .45 calibre.

    Sadly the colour on mine has chipped off and I don't have a clear photo of it .............................. sorry.

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    I know this will upset Muir, but paint does allow you to sort out the colour that suits you best before you decide on a permanent solution. The warthog ivory was superb but it must have been a very expensive sight to make.


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    Virgin Ivory is actually quite easy to work. I was given a small piece by a Piano restorer to make a replacement blade to the Swinburns Patent Martini sporting rifle I once owned.

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    Just think all the little hinges for the flip up sights must have added to the cost.


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    what rifle is this for?

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