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Thread: knz mineral licks

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    knz mineral licks

    Could someone please tell me where I can buy deer specific knz mineral licks in nw England or sw Scotland? Usually stock up on the hockham stand at the mgf, but I'm not attending this year



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    What's up with Rockies Red?

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    Had really mixed results with KNZ... Will not be re ordering.

    Got mine from Hockham Deer Management Group



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    We've used them for the last couple of years, seeing an improvement in antlers and bodyweight, although I'm not saying all that can be traced back to the blocks and other factors are involved. I still think they do have a positive influence though. Intending to combine them this year with rumevite high protein blocks, drizzled in molasses. I'm inspired by mention in priors books of a cumbrian buck with a head that measured 164 points, even though the buck was from poor ground and weighed only 14kg clean. Apparently he'd been taking the blocks left out for the cattle. Here's hoping :-)


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