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Thread: Stock protection

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    Stock protection

    Is there anything on the market to cover a wood stock to stop it getting damaged thanks in advance.

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    dolphin gun company do a realtree neoprene stock cover that may be what your looking for

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    Gun Cabinet

    How about a Boyds stock for working
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    When i had a 6mmBR Cooper it had AAA grade claro walnut stock, so i covered the vulnerable areas with two layers of gaffa tape.


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    Just like a car. If you don't want to risk getting it scratched, don't take it out of the garage. Oh, and don't take it out in the rain without an umbrella.

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    The stock on this rifle is stunning dont want to wreck it looked around for a synthetic one and can't find one its a sako 85 deluxe with the drop plate magazine.

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