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Thread: please have a look and help needed with this please

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    please have a look and help needed with this please

    starting a great new sight just as a hobby please have a look and join post any pics stories anything please

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    Good luck with the new forum Gareth.

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    cheers basil can i hope you joind mate

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    I'm kind of confused now?
    You haven't done any stalking or a DSC 1 course and are serving as a rifleman in the army but you have managed to start your own deer stalking forum?

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    What the F**K has a DSC1 got to do with anything?????It is just a money making machine for the likes of BASC

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    Dont start that again! - Yawn its too late in the day to go through the pro's and con's of the DC's!


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    Quote Originally Posted by re'M'ington
    What the F**K has a DSC1 got to do with anything?????It is just a money making machine for the likes of BASC
    What the F**K has your Ranting got to do with my post!?

    If you read Gareths other posts he was after learning material to do his DSC 1 course. He was also after stalking and has had some experience but has had a break from it for some time understandably due to his career. It just seemed a little strange to me that someone in such circumstances should then introduce a rather smart looking website about deer stalking. Having PM'd him, I now know that he has more experience than his posts would suggest, although he has been away from it for some time. Unlike some people on here who seem to know everything from doing nothing, he is keen to learn and update himself with current practices after his time away. If he chooses the DSC 1 route then that is his choice. If you choose not to, that is yours. Every day is a 'school-day' with deer management/stalking, and the day you stop learning should be the day you give it up! I bet Mr Stag 1933 still learns stuff even though he may have forgotten more than most of us will ever know!
    If you think you know everything, you 'crack on' mate. I don't know everything and never will. However, I am willing to continue to learn.

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    Rather well put together spanky 8)

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    Posessing obvious IT skills why not approach Malc or JayB in the pursuit of helping this an already great site.. ??

    On the back of this new site is there a business agenda for advertising/stalking opportunities etc..

    Im sure somebody will put me right but recon its a bit rude coming onto a site then after a couple of posts asking site members to nip over to yours..

    Or is it a good thing having lots of choice

    Maybe im just still overtired from Scotland


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    Now don't take this the wrong way but, I do feel I need to say it. I agree with Terry, I think it's a bit rude. I have no objections to Gareth advertising his site but it would have only been polite to have asked.

    I have never seen a post on one site asking people to join another one before, if game had been involved I'm sure the poaching word would have been used


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