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Thread: Skull ID Please

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    Skull ID Please

    Hi, Can someone confirm my hopes that this is a Muntjac skull please . It's 14cm long. The sub orbital cavity is leading me to think Muntjac, which haven't been seen in my area yet. My dog kindly retrieved it to me today from the stubble, instead of a pigeon !

    Thank You,


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    Looks like an older version of this one, which was a yearling female:

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    Excellent ! Thank you !


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    Exactly - sub orbital spells muntjac. God, are they in East Sussex now? A friend of mine lives above Rye. When we were at agricultural college we used to out lamping with him every other weekend with his .222. Next he ups his rifle to .243 as roe arrive, then .308 as boar and fallow show up - now munties, he should have kept the .222!

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    Munties were about nearly 25 years ago I shot the first one near Brightling about that time. they have never been in huge numbers but in the thick woodland and large gardens they are seen on occasion. Their numbers are slowly growing. Ashdown forest has had good numbers for awhile.

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    My friend is not that far from Brightling Park Robin, he says he has never seen a Munty and works in the woods/stalks/lamps but actually did confirm the local FC guy had sightings. I wonder why they haven't taken off there in the way they have elsewhere?

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    Yes a lot of sightings from rye through the county now
    ​atb Steve

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