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    evening all ,

    ive been offered a sauer 202 at TRADE with apel swing off mounts again at trade and mod trade , whats the problem i here you ask ?
    well that means ill have to sell my beloved tikka t3 lite , the same rifle my wife to be bought me when i was hard up well border line bankrupt actually !
    so it has a hell of a lot of sentamental value to it . plus ive had it not even a year yet ! she is a faithful old bus the rifle that is and i swore blind i wouldnt get rid of it untill i wore out the barrel.

    just interested to see what other members would do in the same situation .

    cheers lee

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    Bite his hand off!
    A crackin rifle, although the T3 is a good one this is a cracker

    Keep both if you can though

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    I don't think there is really an issue here you got to go with the best rifle now the sauer is nice i have mine and love it but it has its limitations eg 2inch at a hundred the tikka will go tighter i have no doubt but for the posing aspect the sauer is king.


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    that is what im thinking ! can you get apel mounts to fit a tikka t3 ? ive already got optilocks on the tikkka but obviously cant use that on the sauer but if i can get the same bases on the tikka and the sauer i shoud be able swing the old 8x56 S&B from 1 to the other , the mrs aint gonna wear a new rifle and S&B .

    cheers lee

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    Clover leaf with Norma so I dont know what ammo your using to get 2 inches at 100yrds, somethings not right there and its not the rifle....

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    Hey Salmo the 202 outback i have is a nice rifle but it! has its limitations now i have had a tikka t3 and a few other rifles that will group tighter but that wont but there is always a trade off for weight. I certainly have no worries about using the rifle i save the clover leafs for the Irish leave the deer for my self.

    Anyway leec best of luck with your choice i am sure it will be the right one.

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    cheers for your input lads , i think im gonna keep the tikka if i can ill sell it as a last resort but one way or another the saur is coming home !

    cheers lee

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    Can only say from a time in my boy racer years. I bought a beautiful black MR2 to replace my beloved red XR3i at 21 but after a week of love and happiness I saw that it was just a car like the last one.

    My point is that your Tikka is a top rifle and the sauer may seem a bit more sexy but that Tikka with do whatever the sauer can. Having said that if your mind is made up, best of luck


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    p at b

    thats thrown the cat amungst the pigeons ! i whole heartedly see your point . well all i can really say is lets see what happens when ive got a couple of grand in my hands . lol

    cheeps lee

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    As i can see it
    you already hav a trusted rifle that you know and presumably are capable of using to good affect
    why change ???
    the sauer may not suit
    where are you then??
    it also may well be the best gun ever
    but if the OH put trust in you and you are happy with the end result then why the hass
    if and when you become more flush then might be the situ to change or buy another rifle
    choice is yours
    but why fix that aint broke just because of a name
    just my thoughts

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