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Thread: 300WM killed my scope!!

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    300WM killed my scope!!

    Big boys toy arrived yesterday (Tikka 658 300WM) and I strapped on a S&B 3-12x44 I had put aside for a quick zeroing session.
    Borescoped and all looking good
    First shot, right elevation, off to the left by 4", took a second look through the scope and:

    permission to say "cock"!!

    apparently the moderator makes the effect of the recoil worse on scopes according to McLeods!
    luckily the scope is of the vintage where they come with a 30 year warranty not a 10 year one

    so who has a scope they want to sell, lend or give to me for some stag bashing in 2 weeks time?!

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    Shame when it happens, time to go back to the old iron sights/

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    I have heard of this happening in the past but not with quality scopes, especially S&B who service the military with their products.....................bummer.

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    Nope, this has happened quite a lot over the years where wire rets have been used, I've seen S&B, Swarovski and Pecar do this and it's all down to the moderator. Whilst felt recoil is reduced the physics are still there and the transfer of energy finds a week spot...your scope ret!

    Quite a few scopes were sent back and etched rets installed...problem solved!

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    I have a nice 20x you can borrow
    Below is a link to my website.
    Quad sticks

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    don't tempt me!
    ​should never have sold it to you!

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    Have you tried a Nightforce as these have etched reticules thus no wires to break. I have used one for the last ten years and it's bomb proof. I had it on my 300WM without any problems at all. I know we all have our prefured brands, but I've found my Nightforce to be a good strong piece of kit.


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    get a zeiss duralyt illuminated in 3-12x50, amazing scope

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    I had issues with my 300wm with the scope as it kept jumping forward in the mounts no matter how tight it was due to the forces caused with the mod etc. I bought a set of third eye tactical mounts and it rectified any issue I had. As you have seen its a night force I have on mine and as it says above the reticule is glass etched so no problems there.

    Were you using some home loads out of interest and did you have any signs of pressure in the cases?.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jager SA View Post
    Quite a few scopes were sent back and etched rets installed...problem solved!
    I've had the glass on which a ret was etched break. That problem was solved by Swarovski very briskly under warranty, and the culprit (if indeed the break was recoil-related) was the mighty 6.5x55.

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