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    Well people the Roe Doe season is about to start and I have a question.

    You go out stalking and see a Doe with follower, do you shoot her or do you let her pass and wait for the next one. I'm not sentimental or anything like that, I just wondered what the average stalker would do.

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    Follower first - if does runs off she can endure the winter, other way round the follower may not be as self sufficient than the doe.

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    thing with followers is if you can identify them first
    is the follower this years kid or last years kid even the year before or is it this years buck that is cast
    some say shoot the adult first and that way the follower will stand to get shot at as a rule or shoot the follower first and hope the said adult doe will stand long enough for a seconed shot
    either way choice is yours
    but personel thoughts would be to identify both animals first of all that way you hav an idea what you are shooting at
    shoot all your does and what will that acheive, shoot all the kids and then what hav you for your future pop of roe
    also this depends on your population of deer in your area too
    on which you cull and in what numbers

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    Got to go with stone on this it really depends what your cull plan is .eg I have an area were roe are classed as a real problem in the short term so at this time of year i will take out the kids and adult doe if? she stands.A bit later on near December then i will take doe then kids if they stand they normally do but what ever way it is i take the does then doe kid then buck kid If its the adult doe after that its the doe kid then the buck kid.

    But i have other ground that is now well under control and produces some real quality bucks and this year i have decided to remove a few doe kids that will leave the adult doe bringing on the sizable buck kids with out added pressure. So what ever is on the menu for me works but its all down to recognisance first. Doe season well under way here.!!

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    If you are following best practice, then young in tow first, but you may have reason to go the other way as I know lots of stalkers that do just that.

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    young first

    When dealing with wild animals try to follow best practis. all ways deal with the young one first (buck or doe) you can always have another go later on for the doe. but remember you may need breading stock for the future.

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    Shoot the lesser animal first, a doe might not be in the best condition (damaged teeth for example preventing efficient feeding during summer) to survive the winter where as younger may fine. Judgement call as usual but go with what you feel is best. Don't second guess yourself though when it comes to the call.

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    Depends upon the condition of the animals and the particular circumstances of the ground. Generally i'll shoot the poorer condition.

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