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Thread: Torches and their modification

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    Torches and their modification

    For some time now Ive been seeing folk talking about various torches and pros and cons of them (and the cost!!)

    If you want a torch thats good for shooting out to 250yds and good for 'eyes' out to 400yds for less than 25 read on......

    Buy a cree 501b torch from evilbay....while you're at it get a red led one too. (about 6 for the white and 8 for the red led version)
    Dont be tempted to buy apparently brighter torches such as an xlm5 or t6.
    There is a gent on pigeonwatch called daveg that sells aspherical lens called an ahorton lens (13 perfect, 8 slight seconds) buy a couple, one for each torch.
    When your evilbay torches arrive (you did order batteries and a charger too didnt you?) unscrew the top and unscrew the retaining 'washer' that holds the torch front glass in place and remove the glass.
    Forgot to add, you need to cut the reflector down by about 6mm and blacken the reflector with a gem marker.
    pop the ahorton lens in its place and screw the retaining washer back in about a 1/4 of the way.
    turn on the torch and while holding it upright and see if you can clearly make out the configuration of the led on the ceiling. If you can, good, glue the glass in place with a smear or araldite. If not adjust the retaining washer up/down until the led is clear on the ceiling then glue the lens in.
    You can buy a fancy drop in thats made of copper instead of the one that comes with the torch but Ive had no overheating issues with mine and the torches are so cheap its easy to keep a couple in stock if one does burn out and just replace the lens part.
    The white torch will give a good beam out to at least 250yds and the red is good for 200yds (I reckon a lot further for both but I'm being conservative here)

    If you wish you can get an extension tube for a second battery to give several hours continuous use and a flying pressure switch for having one mounted on your rifle, both items only a few pounds.

    Red AND green led torch

    Batteries (cheaper are available from HK)

    Standard torch and other inserts

    Remote pressure switch
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    Had a look on evilbay for cree 501b and it comes up with alot of ultrafire torches a couple of which are described as having a Q5 LED (300LM) is this the one you mean? The majority are T6 (1000LM)

    If possible Please can you PM me a link to the right one in both white and red.



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    Hi Limulus

    I'm after a Red led torch with a single mode (on off) with lot's of power.
    Could you or anyone point me in the right direction ?
    Your a long time dead..GET OUT THERE.

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    first post edited

    I should add I was out with a gent from here the other night with a nightmaster 800 and there was little difference between the two.
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    some ready made good to go on here
    this chap has been modding them for a while

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    Yep, thats DaveG.
    He makes a very good drop in which dissipates the heat from the led faster.
    Ive never had a problem with the standard insert though.
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    Top man my mate has the NM800 with red pill so will be interesting to compare once I get this sorted,

    Cheers Tony
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