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Thread: My dog Fluke.

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    My dog Fluke.

    She wasn't any thing special to look at, all though she showed good form, a first cross springer/labrador, purchased some 10 years or more ago, a fluke mating of two class gun dogs. we first met when she was six weeks old, she approached me, undid my boot laces and I fell for her. We have been friends, unseperable friends since that day. Until today, today she died, and I am, well I don't know how I feel, glad she's not suffering any more, but sad that I will not enjoy her company again. She was the best gundog you could have wished for, never will another come close to being such a loyal friend, I have fond memories, but that won't bring her back, I have a young bitch from a litter five years since, but Fluke was Fluke, and if you knew her you would understand, she was outstanding.
    She's gone now, I will miss her, shooting without her will never be the same, but she's gone.
    My best friend has gone and I feel alone.

    A wee dram, to say thanks to her and goodbye, see you in the here after girl, I loved you.

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    So sad to hear mate, I have just went through the same situation and it is not a good thing to have to endure. I hope it gets easier for you, as they say time heals but the memories do not go away.

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    A very fitting tribute to your dog, and having gone through it several times myself, I and all others who own dogs on this site will feel your pain...

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    Feel for you but a fine tribute to your pal. Happy memories will remain forever in the Fluke box I'm sure.
    Below is a link to my website.
    Quad sticks

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    Thanks for your replies men, suppose I have to man up and accept it, but after 50 years of keeping dogs, from terriers, lurchers and several breeds of gundogs it never seems to get easier, does it, When youve owned, or had the pleasure of a dog that wanted to work for you so much it hurt, you will know how I feel, as my young GWP lays as my foot I hope she brings me as much pleasure, i promise I will pay her back, with love, more. If it wasnt for the humble dog, I would not have had so many memerable days shooting, for that I am certain, long live the gundog, shooting without is not shooting. Please forgive my spelling and grammer, to many single malts, or can you have to many an a day when you loose your best friend? my young GWP lays at my foot as if nothing has happend, I will, I promise treat her with all due respect as the seasons come and go, as they do, to the humble dog, cheers

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    Sorry to hear of your loss. my son's first dog was the same cross. She too was the result of a chance mating. Her name was Shadow and that is exactly what she was for 12 years of his life - she never left his side. A truly outstanding dog that like Fluke has left us with so many special memories. I hope your young dog helps ease the pain and brings you as much happiness.

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    Sad to hear and no shame shedding a tear or two. I've had working dogs all my life and never had a bond with any from lurchers, terriers and a few springers. Now I have a 7 & a
    5 1/2 year old weimaraner, theyre more part of the family than some of my actual family and I know I'll be in bits when their time comes.
    Off to raise a glass to you and Fluke, long live your memories

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    Thanks guys for your kind replies, its been a strange sort of day, not having her greet me, I have lost dogs before, and I know the pain eases as time passes by, but she was and always will be the best. Cheers chaps.

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    Any of these threads really choke me up as I think of my old dogs and how much pleasure they brought into my life in what ever part of my sport they were involved in.
    Sorry for your loss mate.I know things will really be bad at the moment but at some point you will look back,smile and remember the good times with a little less hurt

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