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Thread: Deer stalking nr Aberdeen

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    Deer stalking nr Aberdeen

    Hi All,

    I know its short notice but I'm heading up to Scotland for a bit of salmon fishing on Sunday and will be up there for two weeks and I was wondering if there is any opportunitys to stalk a red stag? I don't mind an hour's travelling if this helps. Any help would be appreciated.

    Regards Jimmy

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    Try John & Andy (Moray Outfitting) on the forum here, they might be able to sort you out!



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    Agreed, top lads to deal with. Though i have a good bit of ground to stalk over (mainly roe, and not enough reds) i have a number of trips booked with them, and plan to book regularly in the future. Like many top outfits it is more than just a days stalking with them, i always learn when out with them, just small subtle things, but valuable never the less. They have plenty of ground and it offers many differing habitats.

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    Thanks for the info I will look into it.


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    I have a MacNab that I am unable to attend on the 16th as per my post?

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