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Thread: .270 Wanted

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    .270 Wanted

    I had put this in the classified section but I guess it will only reach a limited number of people there!
    Looking for a .270, preferably in stainless synthetic or laminated but anything considered.
    If you've got one hiding in your cabinet that you're not using, now's your chance to offload it

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    Nothing lurking in those gun cabinets? Maybe something will turn up over the weekend

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    what exactly are you looking for?

    I know where there's a BSA Monarch in 270 - cheap but old.

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    Lovely rifle, excellent barrels and can be real shooters!

    The .270 is a bit of a historical favourite in the UK, I wonder if you will see a stainless synthetic model in the calibre.



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    Just been on Gun Trader they have 69 270's for sale from 95.00 to 1800.00

    must be something there for you

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    I guess my preference would be a Tikka T3 as I already have one and I can just swap the scope straight over. Had found a T3 varmint but it needed threading and in the end the guy wanted too much for it, I could have had a new T3 lite for 100 more.
    The only thing reasonably local on Guntrader that sounds of interest is a Howa from Francis Lovell in Witney, Oxon. I may take a trip over there.
    Cheers anyway!

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    there is a guy up my way selling a mannlicher classic with a 6x42 S&B FOR 650 IF THATS OF ANY INTEREST.

    If you need a number, just drop me a line by PM.



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    festers favorite jingzy,a man licker

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    hey up Kev ,

    Get home in one piece?
    There's a couple of browning A bolt's in .270 for sale at Swillington shooting supplies , I could take a look for you if you like .



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    There is a nice Tikka L93? i think thats the model, In Game and Country in Leominster, Herefordshire. Mint an older guy bought it fired around 20 rounds and didn't like it.

    440 on the ticket (been there a while)


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