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Thread: What sxs

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    What sxs

    Hi gents I'm after a shotgun I like sxs straight stocked game guns with 28 inch or less barrels , I like the look of the aya no 2but a little out of my price range my budget is 500 quid any suggestions ?
    Many thanks

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    Webley 700

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    Do you think I could pick one up in reasonable nick for 500 red dot?

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    Without being impolite...find one with a stock that fits and worry about the make afterwards! SxS shotguns are now very much a buyer's market and what was, new, into thousands will cost you just the wee hundreds.

    At auction you could pick up an AYA No4 for around the two hundred and fifty mark. Even No2 can be had for about five hundred. I'd ignore the Webley 700 as they still make well over five hundred at auction UNLESS TIRED AN IN NEED OF WORK.

    I'd avoid the cheaper Spanish products and a good BSA either British made or SKB Japanese can be picked up for under five hundred.

    If you want non-ejector then the guns are very good value. And often you can even get them cased, virtually unused, by a maker such as Webley for under five hundred...if you are OK with 2 1/2" chambers. I've one myself I want to let go to make room.

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    Webley 700, circa 1970's, tend to sell for over 1,000.
    AYA 3 or 4 would be nearer your price range. Or, if you can find one. Fausti sxs were selling for 900.00 new a couple of years ago. Second hand around 5 to 600.00.

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    Sorry I should have said I'm looking for a 2 3/4 inch chamber If possible

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    Quote Originally Posted by jimbo1984 View Post
    Sorry I should have said I'm looking for a 2 3/4 inch chamber If possible
    check gun watch there is a few aya s.s on there

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    2p worth
    ​Winchester 23 shoots like a dream single triger handles like a u/o multi or fixed game .

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    The ubiquitous AYA, can't go wrong there. Non-ejectors for buttons. Seen No 2's and model 25 sidelocks going for very little,good value if you don't mind a shorter gun, maybe just stretch your budget a wee bit. Suppose Guntrader and Gunstar are a good place to start.
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    I do prefer a shorter gun may save a little more , does anybody know of any auction rooms that take online bids I've done s search but no joy?

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