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Thread: Does anyone re-load PPU .243 cases?

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    Does anyone re-load PPU .243 cases?

    Just wondering if anyone uses PPU brass to re-load with and if it's any use or not, being cheap ammo in the 1st place?

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    Yes - I'm doing this. Currently on my second reloads of cases and all seem fine so far. I'm not a match shooter, but I've noticed no difference in grouping etc on reloading.

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    they are OK
    not the greatest brass but far from the worst
    quite hard compared to some other brass (hard brass does not always react well to numerous sizings)

    if they shoot OK as factory it is difficult to see the benefits of buying lots of gear to reload them
    just cash in 20 for every 100 and buy another box or two!

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    They're good cases - load well.

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    yeah I loaded ppu for my mate when he had his 223 no probs

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    They reload as well as any other, I find them better than the federal but that is just my opinion I am far from an expert at reloading!

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    I reload them in .308 and 7.55x55, both calibres have been reloaded at least 10 times with no visible effects, I full length reload, trim to length and anneal every 4-5 times.
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    so far reloaded some cases 9 times with no problems so far but I anneal every 5th time

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    Kenny types faster than me

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    Have used lapua and partizan in 308. The neck concentricity is under 2 thou as good if not better than lapua. The results are the same both perform very well in my sako trg42. in my opinion they are equal and in many cases superior to some american brands.
    I also use them in 6.5x55 243 7.5x55, 30-06, 8x57, they are
    readily available and better priced than most. you wont go wrong using them.

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