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Thread: Nightmaster 800 , Superb.

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    Nightmaster 800 , Superb.

    Great night on foxes what a cracking piece of kit the nightmaster 800 is , I've got red chip in it and superb.
    Took 14 foxes with it other night had to whistle about 6-7 of these to stop as coming in too close even with torch on them all way.
    Dont confuse with high powered scary lamps ,I found the nightmaster in Red really works well and can't remember the last fox or if ever its spooked.
    We use one as a vehicle mounted spotter on internal handle and one on rifle with the up graded large head for shooting works very well.

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    I have to agree with you, me and a mate shot 3 in about 40 min on our first outing with it. The red led seemed to spook them a lot less than the LF170 wih red filter did. Where in West Yorkshire are you? Did you get yours from Taclight? I picked a remote tail switch and one of the fully adjustable mounts from Tony a couple of weeks ago.


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    Hi yes had nightmasters for a while now got a fair bit of there equipment on trial testing at the min and by no means I'm first to slag anything off if its no good but what a cracking torch nightmaster 800 is I took another 3 foxes for a shoot that's having trouble last night and again 2 came in with light in all the time never troubled them.They've got a brand new ir coming out that's awesome nightmaster 400 and its superb I tryed it last night on a pvs and it was fantastic perfect size etc .

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