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Thread: Small deer size chiller

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    Small deer size chiller

    Hi, I have for sale a small chiller, I recon you woul get 2/3 roe in it or 1 good fallow ect. I bought it about 2 years ago or more off a guy in a local gun shop but I have never used it as I have a chiller wher I stalk and access to a bigger chiller with a hoist at work! It plugs in and turns on, the guy said he had it re-gassed but this is as much as I no, it's about 6ft tall 2ft 6 deep and 2 ft wide but can measure correctly if some ones interested 100 collected
    the guy that had it as put a piece of tube through the top to hung off, the picture of the base shows some corrosion to the ally, I think this could be easily repaired!?
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    Thanks bullet

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    Anyone want to make me an offer???


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    Where are you in the midlands?
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    Drop me a line mate if you still have it.. I will come around tomorrow!

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    sorry rhinoshot, only just seen your message! pm sent

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    Is the chiller still available?

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