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Thread: Colour and Tracking

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    Colour and Tracking

    Well i was looking at a couple of tracking dogs today and while they are the same breed they are a different colour.

    Do you think there is a colour that is better than another at tracking.
    Lab,s seem to have their critics regards colour. Fawns good for pegs but not hard finders i am told Blacks work hard out in the field but get bored easy at a peg. Chocolates seem to get a real hard time from gun dog men. Just what i have heard and i must admit to liking labs my moan would be most i see are fat fe cks.
    So with BMH We have the Black face Red Body (Most popular) Lighter self coloured red dogs (Not quite as popular ) Mainly Black (Very Rare)

    We then have Hanoverians Tiger stripes (Most popular ) Red Self colors (Less popular) And light fawns (quite rare)

    Is this because of their tracking ability or just colour Fads.??

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    Colour don't matter ... it is the breeding that does

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    As a dog person Davie I cant believe you have asked that question. .!
    As Richard has sad its mostly in the breeding and how it is trained.

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    I agree so why such a push for the tiger stripe or the Dark head. I am not sure Richard and your self might know this but am i right in thinking the Chocolate lab is frown upon as a bad worker. Most i have spoken to believe this to be the case.

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    Is it not the case with chocs, and perhaps other breeds/colours, that working qualities have been overlooked on favour of colour? Perhaps there are examples of this in other breeds used for deer work?


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    To a dog man colour does not matter its in the breeding and training and for someone to think of labs as yourself I can only think that you have still a lot to learn about dogs and there breeding!

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    howy308 as you know we are always learning and i do still have a lot to learn. But is it not the case as novice says that sometimes the look of a dog can take the attention away from its real purpose.

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    We have two choc labs in our kennel, how neither are going to win any field trails but they are cracking working dogs..!

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    Oh no... Not again...
    People's hobbies are more their measure's than are their jobs.

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    What up with you Wild Boar you got brindle and because its two colours get a bit confused lol.

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