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Thread: Driven Partridge what to expect

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    Driven Partridge what to expect


    although Ive been on a walk one stand one pheasant shooting syndicate for about 7 years Ive never been partridge shooting so a mate has booked for the pair of us (he has shot them before) to go on a 135 bird driven day on the 30th September.

    Although he has told me not to worry about it, I'm looking for some hints and tips to help me on the day. I intend to take my Beretta 12bore and some Gamebore Black Gold 30 gram 6's but what should I expect? How do they fly compared to you average pheasant?



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    Fast and low in my opinion, you will have a great day

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    I can say probably partridges

    But seriously as has been stated fast and low unless the ground is hilly.They will appear out of now where and from almost any direction so you have to be ready.
    ​I'm pretty sure you'll have a ball mate.Enjoy

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    Hi Nightstalker,

    A lot depends on the topography of the land. I've been on shoots where you are positioned behind butts on white grass moorland and the partridge are like driven grouse and others where the pegs are down woodland gills and the shooting is more like high pheasant. Cartridge choice seems OK (I use 28g Black Gold). Compared to pheasant the birds seem to fly faster but this might be an optical illusion due to their size.

    Whatever the terrain the action will be fast and furious and you will have a great time.


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    Although smaller they are in general slower than pheasies. If theres a decent wind they'll probably drive them with the wind on one flank, pushing them towards the wind and then they'll quarter over the guns....fantastic sport.
    Dont worry about taking long crossers...its expected when partridge shooting
    Just dont pull through the line and try and take them early on the rise (blot em out )
    Below is a link to my website.
    Quad sticks

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    Last few years I've started using a 20 bore for game shooting and with 28g cartridges it'll drop birds just dandy so you'll be fine with your choice of ammo and gun I'm sure.
    You've got to go with the intention of having some fun and if you do miss the first few so what?I've found that if I start to analyse too much a lot of fun goes out the window and I miss even more!

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    All of above with one word of caution with the partridge at this time of year and something we all should do but when your excited Keep your EYES open for flag men and beaters if in doubt DON'T pull the trigger .

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    They actually fly a little slower than pheasants but they appear from no where and come over you a lot lower in a swooping fashion, which makes then seem quicker.

    I found the best method is to not think about the shot too much and let natural instinct play its role, but generally once your infront pull the trigger and keep swinging through!!

    Saftey is of course paramount but so is enjoying it! Nothing like a covey coming over you and picking your shots.


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    Just to add to everything that has been said do watch out for hen pheasants in amongst them.
    they will be out of season on your date and the smaller ones can be mistaken in the heat of the moment.

    it may be worth going along to a good clay club and just practising on stands that simulate their flight.

    Hope you have a great day - I have just the two days in September this season

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    i use u/o and use the top barrel 1/4/1/4 with 7.1/2 28 black gold my choice, i keep two cart between my left fingers for speed loading as it can be a continueing flow of low driven curling birds , always have sky above the tree/or other and most of all enjoy your day i just love it .ps remember the beaters are there for zero or very little reward ! so be nice as without them your day will be crap
    paul o'

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