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Thread: Pulsar Forward DFA75

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    Pulsar Forward DFA75

    Any of you good people (or bad, I'm nae fussy) using the Pulsar Forward DFA75 NV add on ?
    What scopes are you using, are you using illuminated reticules, and what are your general impressions, tips etc ?
    I'm pondering this option so as not to tie up a rifle solely for NV.

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    I have the DFA75 mounted on my 6-24 Vortex viper, set on 12 mag and its great, i also use a PS22 as a spotter,and i find the DFA is the better of the 2.
    For the IR i use the NM800 and the amount of light is fantastic,for the money i think its good value,you can get a demo unit off Paul at Scottscountry he's very helpful,my only tip is use it on the minimum brightness as the NM800 is so bright,also i have 8 rechargable

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    Hi gunner 223.with your set up how far can you positively identify your quarry?regards richard.

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    Hi there I've just taken the dfa of my .223 and found it to be fantastic out to 300 yards with the nm800 ir with it,if I were giving a close pal the heads up I would say for the money they are fantastic.If your wondering why I've removed it but loved it so much it was replaced with a longbow with a pvs7 tube in it which is better than the dfa but more than 3 times the money.
    ​cheers dave

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    I now have a demo unit, including NM800ir booked for a couple of weeks time.
    Thanks for the heads up folks !
    Still keen to hear from anyone else using them in the meanwhile.

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    Malxwal, Mot man is right around 300 yds,and thats a long way at night,also Mot man what do you think to the Longbow? as ive always fancied one

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