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Thread: Rizzini Shotgun Firing Pins Replacement

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    Rizzini Shotgun Firing Pins Replacement

    Im not sure how many of you out there have a Rizzini shotgun but one of the firing pins broke on mine and for the last month I could not find anywhere that supplied or machined them until yesterday, everywhere I rang there was the intake of breath through the teeth followed by "they don't make parts for them any more sorry".

    There are a few different types of the Rizzini and I also had no idea how to tell so I rang Jerry from Red Kite and he explained the difference, the picture below shows what an E Rizzini looks like.

    I ordered these yesterday and they turned up this morning and now I have a working shotgun again, please bare in mind though they do need a little filling as the upper and lower are slightly different lengths but on the whole very easy to fit.

    I wanted to say a big thanks to Jerry and the team at Red Kite for being very helpful and also getting the goods out so quickly and also to say that if anyone on here has been looking for firing pins for a Rizzini then give these guys a shout.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    i had the same service from chambers and it was nice to have the gun back and working.

    well done to all.

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    Both Red Kite and Chambers are good

    The Rizzini side plate uses the same parts as the Lincoln no2 side plate.

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    I had a Rizzini many years ago, not heavily used but i do remember that it went through its factory fitted firing pins after a few thousand cartridges. Had to get them made up I seem to remember. I sold it on to my mate Tojo later but wonder if it had any problems afterwards? If you are out there Tojo hope it kept going

    never had the same issue with any other gun, ........ Famous last words!!

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    Some Rizzinis eat firing pins I know of 2 particularly bad ones one on lasts around 500 cartridges before they break the angles in the action are not quite right and over stress the head

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    Hmmm this makes me wonder as back in about 84 I bought a new E Rizzini O/U and had not trouble at all with it. A friend bought one at the same time and he was really into club busting. he did have to have his serviced as the ejectors got out of time but he was putting thousands a years through his. He upgraded to a Browning Citori then to a B325. We both must have been lucky it seems.

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    Don't get me wrong I know of a lot of them that have give years of faultless service including a clubs 20 bore that's fired thousands of cartridges

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